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First of all let me say I LOVE your site.  I can't believe something like this exists.. all the great illustrators from the Golden Age in one place.. a beautiful gallery.. let me tell you, you are giving so much to aspiring illustrators like me.  Thank you so much for sharing your amazing collection!

Top 10 Most Beautiful Illustrated Books E-mail
Written by Minh Lai   
Thursday, 17 August 2006 07:44

Adding to the recent Top 10 Golden Age Illustrators is the Top 10 most Beautiful Illustrated Books. With so many books that I do not have access to or known of, it's certainly incomplete. I'm limiting the list to what I have or have seen. They represent the best among the Golden Age Illustrators and you can easily see why.

  1. East of the Sun, West of the Moon - Kay Nielsen
  2. Peter Pan in Kensington Garden - Arthur Rackham
  3. La Morte d'Arthur - Aubrey Beardsley
  4. Les Quatres Fils d'Aymon - Eugene Grasset
  5. The Ship that Sailed to Mars - Wiliam Timlin
  6. Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales - Harry Clarke
  7. Die Nibelungen - Carl Oto Czeschka
  8. Knave of Hearts - Maxfield Parrish
  9. Elves and Fairies - Ida Rentoul Outhwaite
  10. Mother Goose - W.W. Denslow


There are so many others that I do not know about and can be added to this list or expand upon. If you have any suggestions and access to the original material that I can borrow, please contact me.


Thanks you in advance,

-Minh Lai

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